Welcome to Our New site

Hello and thank you for visiting our site.  We are a small reputable CKC registered breeder out of Nova Scotia.  We have two locations, Lower Sackville and Antrim Nova Scotia.   We only breed health tested Boxers and French Bulldogs so we can achieve healthy, happy Boxer and French Bulldog puppies.  All of our dogs are in our homes and are raised and loved by various members of our families.  From the time they are born, until the time we place them in their forever loving homes, they are fed high quality food,  spoiled rotten and provided will all the love they can absorb in their tiny little bodies.  Our puppies stay with their mother for at least 8 weeks as it teaches them manners that humans cannot, corrects bad behaviors, teaches them to respect other dogs, less likely to develop aggression or separation anxiety and less behavioral issues.

Boxers – Eager, loyal  and intelligent, high spirited pups perfect for a family,  strong and very trainable, family orientated, grooming is low maintenance, great with kids and families, very silly. 

French Bulldog – cute, silly little clowns with pushed in faces.  Make great companions and come in various colors.  Family orientated, grooming is low maintenance, great with kids and families.