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  1. We got our boxer girl Poppy from Debby and Jim. She is 4 years old. She has been such a great addition to our family. We got her for our granddaughter who Poppy adores. Poppy is so good natured and protective of all of us but more so if Ava who dresses her up as a princess. I can’t tell you how happy we are with our girl and with Debby and Jim.

  2. Oliver is now 6yrs old . He is a very handsome boxer . Well , he is perfect , I guess lol.
    Couldn’t have picked a better breeder who took very good care of him until he could come home with us.

  3. I want one of each even though our home is over flowing with boxers.
    You truly do have beautiful dogs in which I fall in love with threw pictures
    and dreams of winning big so I could have a big house with maids and dog trainers
    and more doggies. hehehe A girl has to dream big 😀

  4. Would highly recommend Celtic Breeze Boxers and French Bulldogs! Our 2 male boxers are the picture of health and so well adjusted. Truly a caring breeder who always prioritizes the health and safety of their dogs.

  5. I had a wonderful visit with your current litter of beautiful boxers, they were so friendly and cuddly. I wish you every success!

  6. Nice website. Just love the pictures of your boxer puppies I think Cheesecake is my favorite.

  7. cannot ever be able to explain what Von Count (a stud for Celtic Breeze) has brought to our lives!! so very fortunate to have been able to “foster” this beautiful boy, and now he’s in his forever home with us. Leona brought up a beautiful boy, he’s an old soul, is all about the love 🙂 have since met so many people that have boxer’s , they are just incredible animals and Celtic Breeze is, hands down the most responsible breeder of boxer’s , the pups are in their homes, socialized, trained, treated by vets………you just could not get a better animal. thanx so much!!!!

  8. We adopted 2 boxer pups in 2 years. Full brothers from the same Mom (Mocha) & Dad (Duke). They aren’t just our best friends, they are absolute BFFs. Loki (who is 4) is gentle, loving and does EVERYTHING slow. He was never high energy, but can pour on the speed when he is playing with his brother (Buster) who is 3. Buster is ALL puppy. He does everything full speed ahead. They are exact opposites and we love them both so much. Initially we waited to get another after we lost our first (Kirby), but I needed a full time companion so we contacted Debby via an ad on Kijiji (back then), and I am so happy we did. Not only are she and Jim very nice people, but they treat each puppy like a member of their own family. This is NOT a “puppy mill” by any means. They have kept in touch with us over the years and have even dropped by for a BBQ. When I heard they were joining forces and getting into French Bulldog breeding to form Celtic Breeze Kennels, I was quick to express my desire for one of her first Frenchies. To summarize: awesome breeders and awesome pups. Thanks guys!

  9. We got our French Bulldog in October and she’s awesome! 8 months old now, no health issues, sweet, fun, and a great family dog. The ladies at Celtic breeze are very knowledgeable, understanding, and a pleasure to work with. Thanks again for Ruby!

  10. My boy Ranger will be 1 Y/O this weekend. So happy I adopted him from this breeded. Thanks alot Celtic Breeze. A +

  11. We got our girl Poppy from Debbie and Jim in November 2014. She will be 6 years old October 1. We tell Poppy everyday how much we love her and how lucky we were to have her in our lives. Debbie and Jim are amazing breeders and are amazing people. They have come to visit us at our home and I swear after all these years Poppy knows who they are. Our girl is a beautiful girl with great markings. She certainly is a joy in our lives. We got her as a present for our granddaughter. And also as a companion for my husband who had a couple of strokes earlier that year. Poppy allows our granddaughter to dress her up, lay on top of her and just about anything else you can think of. They are great buddies. We have homecare workers come in every morning and Poppy will greet them but she keeps a close eye on her dad to make sure they don’t hurt him. Thank you Debbie and Jim for allowing us to bring home our little bundle of joy almost 6 years ago. If you are looking for a puppy you will never go wrong purchasing from this breeder. .

  12. My wee Frenchie Betty is now 8 months old that I adopted from Celtic Breeze. She is healthy, smart, sweet, and hilarious! Leona and Debbie were wonderful breeders. Hopefully, one day I will be getting a brother or sister for Betty.

  13. Our sweet boxer Kaya Beastly will be 8 years old in just a few months and she is our everything, she is the sweetest, gentlest girl who keeps us entertained with her foolishness everyday. I recommend Celtic Breeze Boxers & French Bulldogs! Debby and I have stayed in contact and she is always there to answer my questions or make very helpful recommendations for Kaya’s overall health. Thanks Debby and Jim!

  14. We purchased our Frenchie in February 2020 and could not be more pleased with the service we received ! Debby was so excellent from the very start; very knowledgeable about the breed and Celtic Breeze breeds for quality !!
    We are so happy with our male Frenchie’s features he has such a sharp Frenchie look !
    We will definitely purchase our future frenchies from Celtic Breeze
    Thank you Celtic Breeze 🙂

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